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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I don't know; we already have a lot of goalies who peaked in the late 20s on the list (not as many as from the 1970s, but the late 20s looks to be our next most represented period); I guess it maybe was a really strong time for goalies, though hard to separate the low GAAs from the rules at the time.

This is the voting for 1931-32. Connell barely got any recognition:

GOALTENDER: FIRST TEAM: Charlie Gardiner, Chi 21; Tiny Thompson, Bos 3; Roy Worters, NYA 3; John Roach, NYR 2; George Hainsworth, Mtl 2; Lorne Chabot, Tor 1
SECOND TEAM: Roy Worters, NYA 11; George Hainsworth, Mtl 8; Charlie Gardiner, Chi 5; John Roach, NYR 5; Lorne Chabot, Tor 2; Alex Connell, Det 1

Hard to decipher, but assuming 2 points to 1st Team vote, 1 point to 2nd Team vote, that gives:

1. Gardiner 42 (looks like a unanimous 1st Team nod over pretty strong competition)
2. Worters 17
3. Hainsworth 12
4. Roach 9
5. Thompson 6
6. Chabot 4
7. Connel 1
I fail to see how a guy like Roach could end up with so many recognition, when you consider both teams... AND the fact that Connel's team actually surrendered LESS goals than Roach's.

Unless there's really something I should know about Alex Smith or Doug Young.

The same could be said for Hainsworth as well.

Besides, Worters's replacement (Jake Forbes -- not bad, but not exactly a candidate for this list either) did play a somewhat significant amount of games (6). Results? Exactly the same. (The Amerks were winning a bit more, but that's pretty irrelevant).

To me, AST voting that years looks sketchy.
At best.

I obviously have nothing against Gardiner's 1st AST, which seems to totally make sense.

EDIT : I'm not advocating that Connel is the BAG. But you could say that I'm advocating that he certainly doesn't belong in what I'd call the lower-tier category that won't get much support. To me, he's a clear Top-8 in the round.

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