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12-19-2012, 09:15 PM
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Went to my first stick and puck in awhile recently, and figured it was a good time to really try out this technique. Long story short, I really liked it. For me it's basically shooting as I did before, but with the puck about a foot closer to my body during the loading phase, the puck a bit closer to the toe, and with an emphasis on really getting over the stick/puck and getting my weight on the toe half of the stick. What was really important for me was to make sure I didn't go overboard, with stick up on the tip of the toe and the heel way in the air, but to have the whole toe half of the blade on the ice, and the heel only the tiniest bit off the ice.

The main benefit was easier stick loading. When you load with the puck further away from you, with pressure on the mid-heel, it sometimes feel like your stick slides a bit too easily, and you don't really load it up properly. With this technique you can really load it up huge. The shot isn't game read/second nature for me yet, but I feel like I should be able to get there in just a few more stick and pucks. I don't think it's just a situational shot to get around defenders, I think shooting from the mid-toe, with the puck close to your body and the pressure on the mid-toe area could be the best way to shoot snap shots in general.

You can see that Kovalev uses this technique too, and he has one of the hardest wrist/snap shots ever:

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