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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Or it could be pointing out that McNally chooses to rush first, thereby reducing the need to pass first. He can pass, but will he be able to rely on it as a primary option?
I'm sorry but again, why are we forcing McNally to become a pass first player? Why must it be his primary option? As a few people have said, rushing is his strength, that he should stick to his strength and adapt his game around it. You seem content to "beat" his advantages out of him.

Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
I see the harm in taking chances if that is all this team is seen to do. There are steady guys, but none yet that have converted their games to the NHL level. Until such time, we have to question even the steadier options. By comparison, the rover seems even more out of place. Look at how people are viewing Connauten now: His NHL upside is very much in doubt because he's seen as a one trick pony. Does he have a defensive game to fall back on? Nope. The same could happen with McNally.

I'd rather the Canucks pack the system with high percentage, smart prospects than take chances on rovers that will have difficulty adjusting. But that's me.
Any 4th to 7th round pick is going to be considered as "taking a chance." As I've said, sometimes teams hit with their selections by taking chances on players and sometimes they miss in these late rounds.

But let me ask you this, are you lamenting taking Corrado? Because he too had considerable concern about his defensive decision making when he was drafted and was known to skate with the puck ice quite often, much more often then he does now. He was very much a risk taker, a project. He was a small PMD who liked to rush and had defensive concerns, the exact type of player you said you would have avoided selecting. However, he adapted and learned to play a better defensive game. He credits his old defensive coach Jeff Beukeboom in helping him develop into a steady D-man that he is today. Corrado so far is looking like a hit that may have been overlooked under your criteria .

Experience and coaching help develop these players and work around/with their flaws. I simply don't believe McNally is done developing. But we can agree to disagree.

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