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12-19-2012, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGreat View Post
WOW i cant believe the hate Miller is Getting

Beside that can some one on Van or anyone that's a Lu fan tell why Lu would waive his NTC to come to the Leafs????
Who here has been hating on Miller? Is it because people don't believe Miller is a better goalie than Luongo? Would that actually classify as hating? If I think Crosby is better than Stamkos does that mean I hate Stamkos? I don't see this hate you speak of.

I personally cannot tell you why Luongo would waive his NTC to go to the Leafs. At this point it is purely speculation as to Toronto even being an option. I think only Luongo himself could tell you why or why he would not waive for TO. My guess would be that Luongo likes playing in the big markets. He loves the passionate fan bases and TML would certainly classify as a passionate fanbase.

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