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Originally Posted by Corky View Post
How can you say this when we have rankings in the exact same thread showing Montreal has only school that shows up high in any rankings?

UQAM a decent school? Compared to what?

I'm not saying the universities in Mtl are total crap, they are actually relatively good. We're just not at a level where we can compare ourselves to the best school in the world or even the best schools in North-America, apart from McGill.

And with low tuition, the discrepancy with the ROC and the US will get worst and worst, it's mathematical really.
Montreal has 4 universities in the top 25 in the country:

No other city in Canada has that, the only one with three is Toronto.

It has two ranked Medical schools (no other city has this):

UdeM is a research juggernaut in Canada:

In Research Infosource's 2011 ranking of Canada's 50 top research universities, the university was ranked third, with a sponsored research income of $524,133 million, the third largest in the country. The university has an average of $278,200 per faculty member, making it the fifth most research-intensive full-service university.[52] In terms of research performance, High Impact Universities 2010 ranked the university 108th out of 500 universities, and sixth in the country.[53] In the field of medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, and health sciences, the 2010 High Impact Universities ranking placed Université de Montréal in 68th in the world, and fifth nationally.[54] In the field of life, agricultural and biological sciences, the 2010 High Impact Universities ranking placed the university 99th in the world, and fourth in Canada.

It is also top 100 in the world in many rankings. And HEC is world renowned, while Polytechnique is the best engineering school in the country:

The École Polytechnique is known for its dynamic research, which represented over 40% of its budget for the year 2008-2009 (60.5 million CAD research funding). Among the engineering faculties/schools in the U15, Ecole Polytechnique leads the way in many areas of research: number of Canada Research Chairs (No. 1), total NSERC grants (No. 1), number of publications in engineering faculties in Canada (No. 5) and NSERC research grants in partnership with industry (No.1). Forty research units receive more than 20% of the funding and contracts for research in the area of applied science given to Quebec’s universities.

I am not sure how you can say 'apart from McGill,' considering if you did that with almost any other city their ranking would drop dramatically. It is like saying New York without Columbia, or San Fran without Berkeley, or Philadelphia without UPenn.

Montreal the largest concentration of research institutes in the country? Ever heard of Toronto?
Montreal has a much greater concentration.

Montreal, Quebec (Canada) has the highest proportion of post-secondary students of all major cities in North America. This represents roughly 248,000 post-secondary students, one of the largest numbers in the world.

Montreal has two universities in the top 5 research universities in the country:

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