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Originally Posted by Rcgongshow View Post
Yeah it is quite stiff, but I like it better than an intermediate.. I don't know why but 67 flex is just whippy as hell and it was impossible for me to get used to..
67 flex intermediates are indeed pretty whippy. I've also experienced using "wet noodle" type sticks (for me it's certain brands of 75 flex seniors, but other brands are just fine), and they suck to use, feels like you can't move the puck efficiently. I know Bauer (and maybe the odd other brand?) made 75 flex intermediates on some of their past models, but they're tough to get your hands on. Do you prefer a 75/77 flex senior, or an 85/87 flex senior?

It also depends on your technique. Some people look to snap shots off really quickly, getting power more from the wrist flick than really loading the shaft, going for the super quick release over major power. With this style, a really stiff stick (for your height) can work great. Others like to really load up the shaft at the start of the shot, which tends to give you quite a lot more power but a slightly slower release, and for this style you obviously want a stick that's whippy enough for you to load up properly.

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