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12-19-2012, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Some 25 year old flaunting money at a casino or a 30 year old buying a car is "dumb" to you and other twitterversers

iMeanwhile, IN REAL LIFE and THINGS THAT MATTER, Ilitch is asking taxpayers for millions for his private project. Or Katz demanding for millions for his project.

I guess because the "media" covers it... that validates its importance to you?
As someone who has worked in media for 20 years, you have no idea how silly that idea is.
Oh I am sorry did those not happen in the real life, seemed to me I wasn't watching a movie they actually did those things.

Arenas can make positive impacts in areas. They have in place like Indianapolis, Cleveland and a couple other cities. That happened in real life too. While there is risk attached this ability to see the future you have on this issue is equally laughable. You can hate them getting public money that is fine, but you don't know that it will fail outright. Just as I cannot claim this will fix Detroit. I am glad when things happen according to how you see the world and what you think should happen then that is real life.

I didn't say it was important, I said it was dumb. I didn't turn around and say I hope they die at the bottom of the hill, or man it would be great if Evander Kane never played hockey again. I just think it is more players not understanding that twitter is not their friend.

Congrats on being in the media, you should understand how this works. Public perception is important and this is just another moment that makes me question what are these guys doing? I just wish they had less of them in the NHLPA. Sadly when neither side wants to talk this stuff will become news. The players should think about that before they press the send button or post or however you put something on twitter.

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