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12-19-2012, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Kessly Snipes View Post
Still incorrect. A bake isn't breaking them in, it's fitting them to your feet properly.
Sorry, neither of you are completely correct, you both have correct parts haha.

Baking is necessary to achieve the right fit in certain circumstances, such as a properly fitting boot everywhere except for a hotspot or two on the ankles. A bake should alleviate that problem, but that doesn't necessarily mean the skate doesn't fit.

Baking would also be highly advised to do with certain skates that were designed to be baked, such as the CCM U+ CL or U+ Pro. Boots with composite outers (APX, T1) are also designed to be quite heat reactive as well.

In general, a bake is a means of minimizing the break in process/time.

It's not mandatory, but under certain scenarios it would be HIGHLY recommended.

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