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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
Thanks for the informative responses re: talent in the 50's and 60's, gents.

Re: Barrasso. I'm not sure if he was "on his way out" especially when the name Wendell Young is brought into play.

He had Bowman as a coach in that time, and he liked to manage goalies in such a way. So that's why his first order of business when taking over in Pittsburgh was acquiring Ken Wregget at the deadline. A goalie who tended to falter down the stretch when given too many games. Hockey's Mr. October before Brian Savage (who is on this board, as coincidence would have it - Savage, that is).

Barrasso missed the lockout shortened season because of a wrist injury. Then I think it was a shoulder that cost him the '97 campaign. Now, Kevin Constantine is at the helm, a guy who was known to ride his goalies as hard as he'd ride his players - see: his use of Arturs Irbe on the early expansion Sharks. Barrasso was back in action in a big way.

Finally, he was booted when he basically refused to help mentor a young goalie (J.S. Aubin), instead electing to throw chairs at him...

But I don't think it's fair to say that Barrasso was on his way out the door, or whatever, (unless I'm misreading you, then I apologize) - he was the go-to guy every step of the way for the Pens in the 90's...rain or shine. As per the '96 playoffs...Wregget lost game 1 to Florida in the EC Finals, and they immediately jumped back to Barrasso before it got "out of control" - they got Wregget to back up Barrasso, period.
"On the way out" in an overall career sense. Entering his 30s, stops appearing on all-star ballots, puts up only 3 seasons to "hang his hat on" between then and when he "retires", then becomes a journeyman veteran backup. Is there anything relevant to this level of comparison that contributes to Barrasso's case in this discussion after '93/94? Hitting a milestone 300 wins in '96/97 among the highlights at that point?

Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
Also, regarding the USA thing. Barrasso, for the '96 World Cup and the '98 Olympics, was coming off season-costing injuries. And even with that, I still don't recall it being universal that Richter would be in there over Barrasso. I think it was a last minute decision because Richter was no prize pig himself and that's with the '96 World Cup performance still fresh in the USA's mind. They probably in all good conscious couldn't say no to Richter after that. Beezer had been better more recently than Barrasso when these teams were selected. Beezer was all-star caliber on an expansion team, Barrasso was injured on a team that showed very little substance behind a glossy surface...
Still though, at the end of days, Beezer puts up five straight seasons of 50+ quality games after his last appearance on a post season all-star squad in '93/94. What's the best we can say for Barrasso over the next 6 or 7 years that these guys played against each other? I'm not sure anyone even selects a healthy Barrasso over Vanbiesbrouck at any point in there, but that's just speculation based on an opinion, obviously.

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