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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
Sweatt just got a major hit to the head and last I checked he wasn't a "euro". Concussion in the AHL have nothing to do with your nationality. Lots of Canadian players have their careers ruined by them too.

Baertschi's injury history is a big question mark but I don't see how that follows into the rest of the argument about nationalities and what not. He's a smaller player that goes into tough areas, that's what happens to those types of guys and you have to be a very durable player to withstand it. Is he?
Difference is that lot of North American players come up thru Junior hockey and thus have to play in smaller rinks in a much more physical style. Right now, some Euros are coming over to play Junior just to get use to the kind of high intensity, highly physical nature of NA hockey.

You take someone like Rodin and its a major adjustment to playing here as compared to Swedish Junior hockey. What I'm saying is that it might have been better if you had given someone like Rodin more time to muscle up and develop his game before he played pro hockey in the AHL.

Sure everyone gets concussions and injuries, but slighter Europeans who have never played Junior hockey might be more likely to get hurt than battle hardened CHL players (and even here the switch from Junior to pro can be a physically daunting one)

As far as Beartschi goes, I think he is a player with a target on his back at the AHL level ( much like Tanev). Games I see him play he gets a rough time. He has to get use to pro hockey but you wonder if he might be better off developing in the Swiss League or somewhere else. To me, he doesn't seem very durable and if you are Calgary you might want to put him in a less exposed position. Baertschi has, I believe Zetterburg type talent and probably would have been better of following the course of Zetterburg by developing in Europe and then going directly to the NHL. You wonder if a player like Zetteburg would have developed as well if he had come over younger and banged around in the poorly officiated AHL. When you are that much more talented the rest of the League, teams will try to find ways of slowing you down. And that includes trying to nail you.

All in all I guess I'm saying a very ok with Jensen developing in Sweden. Let him fill out, let him get more awareness, and let him develop his skills. I think a lot of people have made this point and I think they are correct. He got a head injury in the AHL last year and if had gotten another one this year it could have been disastrous for his development. Trying to battle test players at the AHL level while they are still physically developing just for the sake of battle testing them doesn't seem all that wise to me.

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