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Originally Posted by Ringmaster316 View Post
i doubt it

if there was no team in Vancouver(or close by like Seattle) i doubt i would be watching...
There is no way that a 6 team NHL actually exists in the modern era. If the NHL didn't want to fill more markets than that, then another league would, and that league would have surpassed the NHL by the 80's.

Heck, the reason the WHL had a fighting chance was because there was no shortage of demand for more hockey in the world that the NHL was refusing to attempt to meet. That's the only reason there's hockey in Western Canada for cryin' out loud. And that was with other prime markets filled that weren't part of the Original 6. If the WHL had been able to tap into markets like Philly and Pittsburgh, add a New York team and grab the Ottawa market, instead of having markets in Hartford and Birmingham to give them enough franchises to operate, the NHL would have had to merge with them on much friendlier terms to the WHL.

And of course, the other hand of the reason is that the WHL was the league that found Wayne Gretzky, but that's a tale for another time.


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