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12-20-2012, 01:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
If you're looking for blame to go around on expansion, I suggest looking no further than the group of shortsighted clowns who insisted that the NHL remain at six teams (and no further west or south of Chicago) while everyone else was rapidly expanding or relocating across the United States. And then while backfilling in the middle, the NHL still sat on its hands. And yet we're supposed to laud them and call them "builders".

I'm sick and ******* tired of basically being told to apologize for existing.

We're a bit past the Six Team debate by 1997 though, aren't we.

I think you're approaching this the wrong way, the feeling of needing to apologize for existing. Isn't the question more so about how the 1990's expansion was seemingly set on autopilot? Another way to look at it would be to ask what responsibility lay with the owners/league at that time to enable a successful expansion.

Yes, it does seem that some fans turn on each other for the mismanaged implementation by the league, but aren't there some legitimate economic questions brought up by the OP?

Did the league botch the implementation of that round of expansions?

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