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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Well, that is nonsense. What I did say was that having him ranked 8th best draft eligible goalie in the WHL was pretty ridiculous. Which it was, and is.
You Said
[on Whistle]Well, Ive seen him play, and he was impressive to say the least. Couple that with his stats and I dont see how the other six goalies all project above him. Comrie yes, but after that it gets pretty sketchy. If you care to tell me how the other six/seven goalies "project" better than him Im all ears.
I Said
I can't say whether or not I think they will project better, but I can tell you how CSS likely projected them as better
You tried to defend the ranking, citing this and that about bantam draft pedigree and other things that really didnt have anything to do with the present or the future.
Again, I did so from the point of view of the CSS. At no point did I say they were right, but I showed exactly how they likely arrived at their rankings. As Gare Joyce said in his book, every scout has their favourite types of players and CSS, when scouting goalies, likes them big with international experience. Whistle doesn't have bad size, but had no international experience, hence why CSS ranked them that way.

Now you, and others who were speaking out on behalf of the CSS are here now praising the likes of Jackson Whistle. Why he may even be drafted you say?

Seems like a convenient about face really.
This is just completely wrong.

I said
I like Whistle a lot, think he's been great for Kelowna
It's possible that Whistle continues to play well this year and plays himself into a position where he will be drafted,
But, no, never mind, you're right. We all hated him.

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