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12-20-2012, 04:30 AM
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Rough week for me last week, hopefully people didn't take much of my advice.
Originally Posted by markrander87 View Post
Pick 1:

Kaepernick @ Seattle
Rivers @ Jets
Flacco Vs Giants
Not a good matchup but I think you gotta go Kaep here. Rivers is unstartable, and Flacco's just been too bad lately for me to trust him, even at home with the good matchup.

Pick 2:

Bryce Brown Vs Washington
Lynch Vs San Fran
Morris @ Phil.
Foster Vs. Minn.
Brown's out with McCoy back. I like Morris against the Eagles (especially if RG3's out). That's a game they should win, thus Morris should stay busy. The Vikings have been very mediocre against the run the last 8 weeks, so I'd go Foster. Tough to sit Lynch but that Niners run D is legit.

Originally Posted by MJG View Post
Fill in the gaps please

QB: ???
RB1: ???
RB2: ???
Flex: ???
WR1: Marshall
WR2: Julio
TE: ???
D/ST: Broncos
K: Bryant


QB: Kaepernick or Rivers
RB: Rice, Martin, Ridley, BJGE, Moreno
Flex: Those backs + Jennings or Blackmon
TE: Rudolph, Finley or Scheffler
Gotta go Kaepernick. Rivers has just been too bad this year for me to start him. Your RB options are fantastic. That being said, I think you gotta go with three of them. Rice and Martin are locks, then I'd go Moreno. Ridley's been a little too inconsistent and while BJGE gets a lot of touches, his upside is always limited. I'd rank your TEs Rudolph, Scheffler, Finley.

Originally Posted by Mason10 View Post
Luck @ KC or Stafford vs. ATL?
I was way off on Stafford last week so my instinct is to sit him. But beyond that, the Falcons have made some real good QBs look real bad this year. KC is terrible. I'd go Luck.

Pick 3:
Vincent Jackson vs. STL
Amendola @TB
Gibson @TB
Wright @GB
Avant vs. WAS
Hixon @BAL
VJax is always kinda hit or miss, but you still gotta roll with him. Looks like Amendola's healthy so I'd definitely start him as well. Gibson's seen a lot of targets the past 2 weeks, and that Tampa pass D is terrible. I'd go Gibson.

W/R/T :
Everyone up there ^ and Gresham @PIT
I don't have much confidence in your remaining receivers. Gresham's actually been real consistent over the past 7 weeks. I'd go with him.

Pick 2:
Spiller @MIA
Peterson @HOU
Morris @PHI
Great options there. Sucks you have to sit one. It's gotta be Morris.

Originally Posted by chilly34 View Post
QB: (pick one)
Newton vs. Oakland
Manning vs Cleveland
Peyton's cooled lately, and Newton's really picked it up. Cleveland's D has been better of late as well. I think you gotta go Newton, especially against a bad Raiders team. This isn't even terribly close to me. Cam's scored WAY more points than Peyton over the past month (roughly 120 to 65 in my league).

RB: (pick two)
Spiller vs. Miami
Richardson vs. Denver
Morris vs. Philly
D. Williams vs Oakland
Spiller for sure. Morris and Richardson is real close. I'd lean Morris just because it's a better offense and there's a better chance they'll be winning. TRich gets the majority of his points from TDs, so it's riskier.

WR: (pick two)
D. Thomas vs Cleveland
Cobb vs Titans
Wayne vs Chiefs
Austin vs Saints
D Thomas for sure (even with Haden on him. AJ Green torched him.). Wayne's cooled a bit of late, and Austin's been the worst of the 4 (even though his matchup's great). I'd go Cobb.

(Any of the ones up top)
Nice. Sucked having to sit both of those receivers. Wayne's been more consistent/productive this year, so I think you gotta go with him.

TE: (pick one)
Olsen vs Oakland
Daniels vs Minny
Daniels hasn't had a good game in 6 weeks. I'd go Olsen.

Defense: (Pick one)
San Fran vs Seatle
(this is the defense I got on my team right now, the others are waiver wire pickups I can pick up)
Falcons vs Lions
Indy vs Cheifs
My first thought is the Colts, but their D just doesn't score anything. But with that in mind, the Chiefs have given up big points to Ds in all but two weeks. That is amazing. Comes down to a very good D with a below average matchup, or a below average D with a great matchup. I'd go with the Colts.

Originally Posted by Double-Shift Lassť View Post
Regular starting QB is Big Ben but do I go to Bradford against the worst pass D in the championship? Normally, I'm a "go with your guys" players, but...
I'm from the "go with your guys" school as well. Look at it like this, if you go with Ben and he disappoints you can live with it. But if you start Bradford in your championship and he sucks it up you'll say what the hell was I thinking. Ben's been good (fantasy wise) since the injury, so I think you gotta go with him.

Originally Posted by TheMurdocktor View Post
EDIT: Nevermind. Just saw that Brown will be splitting carries with the returning LeSean McCoy. Makes this decision easier.

Originally Posted by Leafs at Knight View Post
Pick 2 : Matt Forte @ ARI , K.Moreno vs. CLE , S.Jackson @ TB , R.Bush vs. BUF
Tampa's rush D is very good, so I'd sit SJax. Thomas is out of the picture in Miami, so that helps Bush's stock considerably. I still think you gotta go Forte and Moreno though. Despite last week's performance the Cards are still pretty bad, and Moreno's just been too good for me to sit.
Pick 2 : Marques Colston @ DAL , Lance Moore @ DAL , Brandon Marshall @ ARI , Mike Williams vs. STL , D.Bess vs. BUF
Colston's been very mediocre aside from week 4/5, but you still gotta give him the nod over Moore. Start Marshall for sure. If you're worried about Peterson, Calvin caught 10 for 121 against him and missed a TD by about a foot. Peterson is a phenomenal talent, but he just isn't a shutdown corner (yet).

Pick 1 of the above that wasn't used for W/R .
I always like going RB over WR when I can, and with a good matchup and Daniel Thomas completely phased out I'd go Bush.

NE Def vs. JAC or STL Def vs. TB.
Definitely the Pats. Their D has scored a ton this year, and Jacksonville gives up way more to Ds than Tampa.

Originally Posted by Hammettf2b View Post
PPR with points for return yards as well

Need 1 WR spot to be filled and 1 RB spot to be filled with these choices

WR: Amendola @TB
Wallace VS.CIN
Jennings VS.TEN
As tough as it is to sit those two guys I think in a PPR league (and with Tampa's pass D being atrocious) I'd go Amendola.

RB: Sproles @Dallas (My opponent has Brees)
Murray VS. NO
Murray's projected for big points this week, but PPR and return yards gives Sproles the edge here.

Originally Posted by tv14 View Post
For TE I have Gresham (vs PIT) should I stick with him or pick up Olsen (OAK). I also have Newton and Smith so I'd be putting all my eggs in Carolina's basket, but they have been playing really good lately and have a great matchup this week against Oakland.
Having Newton, Smith, and Olsen would concern me, but it is Oakland. I normally don't look at this, but since this one's close I did. Pitt is 3rd in the league at limiting TEs, Oakland is 28th. Ride that Carolina train my friend.

Originally Posted by UFancyHuh View Post
B. Roethlisberger has been my guy but lately Wilson has been killing it. Seattle is playing SF this week. is it worth starting Wilson over Big Ben for championship game?
Very tough call here. Wilson's been real good 6 of the last 7 weeks (the 1 being the blowout against AZ where he didn't need to be), but obviously it's a bad matchup. Everyone knows SF has a great D, but they're 6th at limiting QBs, and Cinci is 7th. I'm more confident in Wilson at home (particularly in this matchup) so I'd go with him.

Originally Posted by Mason10 View Post
Amendola @TB or Hilton @KC
Gotta go Amendola. Better player and better matchup.

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