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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
2 liters of chocolate milk a day? Honestly bro, I'm not sure those big biceps will help your body image if your farts are turning people away all the time ;-)


Now, I have a general fitness problem. For the first time in my life this fall, I actually tried to improve my fitness and failed to do so. I'm still 230 lbs at 5'11" with a high fat percentage. I have many of the standard medical problems associated with obesity, such as loud, night time snoring and frequent coughing.

Now, we're talking about a very short period of time. Upon finding my apartment in Australia, approximately November 1st, I then went to the gym maybe 35 times in the following 45 days. Maybe two thirds of those times were just cardio, where I did maybe ~40 minutes on the elliptical with some variation at a typical heart rate of ~135; where the machine would state ~600 calories burned per workout. I could do more towards the end but I was rebuilding my heart and legs after a prolonged period of inactivity.

The other days I followed a weight program a trainer made. He made three days: I think back, legs, and arms; with a shoulder exercise thrown in. My goal was to lose weight, so all the exercises were 3x15 reps. I suspect this part didn't help because for the first few exercises I wasn't sure how strong I was and thus was constantly increasing the weights.

My diet wasn't "good", but I'm pretty sure it was better than what I was eating the previous six months when I was finishing my dissertation. I was still eating out often but not as often as before.

I was happy to find a satisfactory gym a 5 minute walking distance from my apartment.

Basically, I think the issues are as follows:

- Six weeks is a small sample and I may be a victim of statistical noise.
- I should increase my cardio days from 40 to 60 minutes. I was going this but it takes time to build that up. I find the elliptical easiest, then the bike, then the treadmill. I could burn more calories just doing the elliptical but I think using the different machines is probably healthier in the long-run. On the treadmill I can only do 15 minutes at 5.5 mph. I used to be able to do 60 minutes at 7.5 mph. It will take time.
- Get to my maximum ability on the weight training.
- Cook more. Eating well is important, but bad foods are fun. I'm doing pretty well actually. Typical breakfast is orange juice (pressed from actual oranges), a banana, and some greek yogurt (real greek yogurt, not fat-free BS) mixed with honey. Typical lunch is pasta, some fruit like a mango, diet soda, and a small bag of chips. Dinner varies.

I get back to my routine in late January, so I guess I should re-evaluate in late March.
I don't have experience with losing weight, my problem is putting on weight but I have some advice:

-Cardio is good but you should really focus on nutrition, get a scale and weigh your food
-Sign up on a site like to track your calories
-You could replace the orange juice with water and only eat chips on "cheat days", they will keep you sane
-Workout with someone who has the same goal as you, it's easier going to the gym with a buddy
-Set some realistic goals that can be achieved in a short period of time
-Be patient, consistent and remember that you can do it

Good luck bro.

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