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Originally Posted by Libbs View Post
I really have no idea what IHaveNoCreativity's end game is... he comments a LOT in the Halifax thread but I still have no idea if he's a Moose fan or not.

Though, from his simplistic posting and most of his "observations" being of the no duff variety... I doubt he has any idea what is actually going on in the dressing room. He is merely talking out of his posterior in hopes of someone believing what he is saying.

I claim no "inside knowledge" to the Moose dressing room... but a team that is 28-3-1-1, 1st in the QMJHL and ranked 1st in the CHL, I'm seriously doubting any kind of "ego" or "resentment" in the locker room.
geez...imagine how good they could be if they didnt have all those locker room issues!!!! i mean really...3 losses all year!! when are they going to clean up all the mess and get with it!!! (sarcasm)

i dont know anything about inside the dressing room, i do know some players personally, i have coached some, coached against some, etc. BUT...anyone who's ever been involved with a winning team knows that there are egos and attitudes to deal with!!! 23 choir boys dont win championships players that WANT the puck on their stick at the end of a game, are generally a bit selfish! they have to be, and it's great that they are, because they want the puck, because, they feel they can be the difference maker.

It's the coaches job to make all that come together and use the pieces of the team at the right time to get the job done! Halifax has their sh$t together...they've been building for this for 4-5 yrs now and you can bet the leadership in halifax would not let a few bad apples ruin the season. Look at their record!!! it's not an accident or luck

they will tweak if they can at a reasonable price at the deadline, otherwise, they will keep status quo and keep winning 9-10 games for every loss!!! And, they will be greatly competitive next year as well.

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