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12-20-2012, 06:55 AM
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Getting back into ice after 16 years of inline-help!

Stopped hockey after tearing ACL @ 14, took up inline once I had it repaired @ 18. I've been intermittently doing so ever since (16 years), and figured I should try real hockey instead of just skating around for fun.

I joined a beginner league in MN, and by and large doing fine; I'm probably in the top 5 of the 34 people there for skating. Inside edge, crossovers, c cuts, one footed all come easily. Backwards isn't pretty, but functional/still better than most of the rest. Now stopping is another story.

Long story short-I think 16 years of stopping on wheels has ruined my ability to stop on blades. I can stop like I do on wheels, doing a really tight/fast pivot turn, on ice per my coach it looks like a sharp C-Cut. It works, but I end up turning 90 degrees or facing the opposite direction, probably not the best idea.

Per my coaches, it appears I spend way too much time on my inside edges, which apparently is common for inliners switching over? It's so bad that even holding the boards and trying to 'make snow' with the flat part by pushing my foot out is difficult. I can do it, but only with concentration. Otherwise, my blade 'digs in' too much and sticks. I cannot even snowplow for the same reason. This is because if I'm not deliberately concentrating on my foot, my ankles are turned inwards, I think related to inline muscle memory.

Anyone else have this transition difficulty? Suggestions? Are my skates not tight enough, thus ankles turning inwards? Do I need to have a wider hollow (5/8" or 3/4" instead of 1/2"), which I've read would be more forgiving/can help inliners transition over? Ankle support/taping? I have CCM U+ crazylight skates, used one season by a college hockey player. Coach felt they had plenty of life/support left in them. Thanks, I appreciate any advice.

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