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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Free agency will remain at 7 or 27. Arbitration will remain at 4 years for players 18-20 signing their first SPC. You would assume the 21,22,23 and 24 year old age groups for salary arbitration will remain the same. Entry level contracts remain at 3 years. So while the system changes to 50-50(eventually with the $300M make whole)and there will be contract limits,the other tools remain the same. We discussed the impact of the CBA and Nash last winter. The NHL wants to drop the cap to $60M while the PA is proposing $67.25M for two years. Compromise and set it at $64.3M for 2 years. Amnesty/compliance buyouts. Follow the NBA model. NBA set the cap at $58,044,000 which was the 10-11 salary cap number. In the NBA,the amnesty buyouts counted against the players share but not against the cap or the luxury tax. The players wants amnesty buyouts. The NHL doesn't want money outside the system. Compromise. The buyout money counts against the players share but not against the cap. Follow the NBA model. Larry Brooks proposed that 10 days ago.

Redden,Gomez and Olesz are the 3 definite compliance buyout candidates. 2/3 paid out over the remaining term. Redden is owed $3,333,333 for the 2nd year(13-14)instead of $5M. The 12-13 or just 13 will be a 48 game season/100 plus day season. Pro-rate that with the $5M for 12-13.

Gomez is owed $4.5M in 13-14. $3M buyout. $5.5M salary for 12-13. Olesz is owed $4.25M for 13-14. $2,833,333 buyout. $4M salary in 12-13.

$9,166,666 in buyout dollars for 13-14 between those 3 players. Count it against the players share. The owners actually save money.

Rational minds can find a solution

The NBA amnesty was 1 buyout per team for a player on the roster when the lockout started. Teams have the option of using at any point in the 10 year CBA with an opt-out after 6 years. The NHL might not like the teams holding amnesty option to use in future years.
Amnesty buyouts will be prt of final agreement IMO. That will be the one small bone thrown to teams like NYR, Mon, Tor who have lost millions fighting for small markets and then will be forced to partially dismantle their team to get to $60m next year. The reality is that there might only be 8-12 buyouts league wide. We'd be talking about maybe $100m total, maybe less.

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