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12-20-2012, 07:55 AM
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Originally Posted by JonnyMacSen View Post
Like I mentioned above ^ First weekend of March they play Hamilton and TO (twice), if we are lucky one might be televised

I've sent a few nasty emails already to Sportnet on how they've pretty much had every Canadian team affiliate on TV at one point or another except for Bingo, and favor Hamilton and TO above all else.

Feel free to do the same, perhaps if enough people complain they'll listen
Well, audience-wise I'm sure the Marlies will get a crap ton more ratings than a Bingo game simply based on fanbase and size. I really have no interest in writing any scathing emails to Sportsnet demanding they don't favour TO-based teams, it's just not gonna happen.

What you should be complaining about, however, is that they simply aren't showing any Bingo games. Don't focus on whining about all the air time the other teams are getting, because that's the only way they are pulling in any hockey ratings with the NHL not happening.

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