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12-20-2012, 08:13 AM
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Originally Posted by ltrangerfan View Post
I lifted this from the main board (taken from the oilers board).

Is there any validity to this post? It's way beyond my knowledge of the NHL.
I don't really know but I would take anything someone says with authority about the lockout with a HUGE grain of salt at this point. I don't think a random hfboards poster has any real insight into this, or any real idea how stuff like contracts or lawsuits will play out.

Anyone claiming to know how sure the NHL is feeling about how an anti-trust lawsuit will pan out is full of it or simply putting forth the company line from the NHL. No one really knows for sure how things will go down if all the lawsuits proceed, and if nothing else, this is EXACTLY what the NBA did, except they filed their lawsuit against the NBAPA months and months earlier than the NHL filed theirs.

So far, we know what to expect based on what the NBA did last year. Once these things actually start getting processed in court and the season is called and the lawsuits move forward, we're more or less into uncharted territory and when either side starts claiming that they're "right" or "confident of their interpretation/chances/legality" or whatever, then you can be sure it's ******** bluster because neither side is going to say "yeah our case is weak" or "we have no clue what the judge will say"

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