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Originally Posted by Bank View Post
When I say it's suburban sport it's because it demands a lot of micro-logistic. The amount of equipment demands a lot of transporting from families and/or big locker facilities. That often fits suburban families better both at home but also when it comes to transport than urban families who pay more for less space and usually cycles or use public transport. None which are fitting for a hockey player.

About the Badminton thing I don't see the consistency in your argument? Badminton is doing great without a great Copenhagen core or being a household sport. What's the urgency for those two components?

On TV Danish produced hockey is crap. The rinks aren't build for it and sound and picture are suffering from it. The NHL might be the next NFL - but we're still waiting for the format that makes it work. The current TV2 Sport set-up doesn't pick up new customers. So the breakthrough will come through the NT. Not the other way around.

How do we give the NT the best conditions for reaching these results that will create the breakthrough?

When Jannik Hansen, Frans Nielsen and Peter Regin were young there were zero hockey on TV. That didn't prevent them from being NHL'ers. It's about the quality you put in the practice(Notice how few drop out of the teams on generations with succes) when they are kids.
Just to summerize our long discussion you are obviously right in that Denmark has produced NHL caliber players without tapping central Copenhagen talent. My point was basically that the amount of potential players and also media attention could perhaps change drastically if hockey changed from being a provincial/suburb sport to a sport for the city-folk (Århus and Copenhagen). It is just a's also possible as you say that basically nothing would happen. Timing, luck and a whole number of unforseen things can change this. But without trying, nothing will happen.

I don't think I'm inconsistant with Badminton since it is played both in center and suburb of Copenhagen and probably also in Århus. Big tournaments (super series) like Denmark Open and the invitation tournament Copenhagen Masters are being played in Denmark every year with the best participating.

A modern Copenhagen rink could actually solve the danish produced TV problem that you mention.
I just think that qualifiying for the Olympics in 2014 and maybe getting the WC 2017 (maybe to be played at the Copenhagen Arena) could give the necessary push for danish hockey - more kids, more parents asking where they kids can play, maybe combination of NT success and training demand can get more rinks build.
Again it's a hope, not a certainty since risk-willing capital is hard to get in Europe these days and fashion-choices of young people can go in unforseen directions. It wasn't written that floorball would be big in Sweden.

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