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12-20-2012, 08:55 AM
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Originally Posted by caley View Post
You Said

I Said

Again, I did so from the point of view of the CSS. At no point did I say they were right, but I showed exactly how they likely arrived at their rankings. As Gare Joyce said in his book, every scout has their favourite types of players and CSS, when scouting goalies, likes them big with international experience. Whistle doesn't have bad size, but had no international experience, hence why CSS ranked them that way.

This is just completely wrong.

I said

But, no, never mind, you're right. We all hated him.
Way to cherry pick your quotes.

The last quote
It's possible that Whistle continues to play well this year and plays himself into a position where he will be drafted,
was immediately followed by
but it's also possible he fades down the stretch.
How convenient of you to leave that part out.

You and others harangued me for pointing out that they were out to lunch on Whistle being 8th best draft eligible in the WHL, of which there are only about 15 draft year goalies in the entire league, but now here you are throwing his name out there for a possible "dark horse".

He is more than a "dark horse" to be picked in the draft at this point imo, but Im sure when he does get picked you and others will be there to say you knew it all along and were first to mention it.

Isnt that right?

You cant argue both sides of the equation without looking a little foolish, which you and others seem to be doing here.

It hasnt gone unnoticed.

You also threw out the argument that perhaps the reason his numbers were so good was a product of playing behind a good team. Of course Jarry is in a similar situation, but no mention of that in regards to him.

The game against the Oil Kings in Kelowna, Whistle put on one of the best goaltending performances I have seen all year in the WHL from anyone, draft eligible or not. It had nothing to do with the team in front of him. In fact he WAS the reason they were even in the game, never mind coming out with a victory.

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