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Originally Posted by SprootsMasterFlex View Post
I, on the other hand, would have taken Trouba over Pouliot if I had to take a D at that spot. He's having a phenomenal year, just like Pouliot but he would have really put our D over the top.

Like others have stated, its too late now and I'm rooting for DePo.
Yeah but DePo puts the Pens defense over the top too. Something else that needs to be mentioned is that the Pens only true PP QB in the entire organization is Pouliot. As great as Letang is he's not that natural PP QB even though he's a good offensive defenseman. Pouliot just brings that natural passing ability that very few have.

Pouliot's in a very strange situation. A lot of people seem to like him but not like the pick... myself included even though I'm warming up to it. It kind of reminds me of Goligoski. People seem to validate drafting an army of defense by saying that defensemen have value for trades later but isn't it still best to go with BPA? The better player will always bring better assets with the only exception being goalies because they never hold any value when trading. It almost sounds overly simplistic but its pretty clear that the Pens value defense almost a little to much.

As much as I'm on the fence about the Pens drafting, I look at that prospect list and really like what I see. The Pens go almost 10 deep with some pretty high end prospects, looking at upside, for a team thats been among the leagues elite over the past 8 years.

What kind of a player do people think Grigs will be? IMO he could be a Yashin or Robert lang. Big, skilled and really good but he'll always leave teams and fans wanting more. He's without question a center and not an overly good fit for the Pens but as far as him being BPA at the time... I'm just not sure.

A player like Forsberg would have been nice for the Pens and there were some Iggy comparisons going around but I've never been a huge fan of his. IMO the Iggy comparisons were totally off the mark. Even before Iginla became Iginla he was a better player than Forsberg. IMO a better comparison or Forsberg is B Morrow if he can find a nasty streak or Patrick Sharp.

For me it comes down to questioning if Pouliot is BPA??? Defensemen that can pass like that don't come around very often and I do think that organizational need for a PP QB is there just as much as a scoring winger. I put Pouliots upside pretty high and think he can QB a PP like Zubov or Kaberle. Thats elite status but I do think he's that good.

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