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12-20-2012, 09:17 AM
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Erat - Erat is my favorite Preds player. He is a really consistent 50-60 point scorer with a complete two-way game (except game 5 Chicago in 2010 *******!)
Josi - Small sample size, but this kid could be a top pairing defenseman for 1/3 to 1/2 the teams out there right now imo.
Bourque - Small sample size though; I don't think most people have even given him a rating

Properly Rated
Klein - There was a ton of interest from Red Wings and Flyers fans at the deadline last year for Kleiner. He's been the whipping boy forever, but I think it's become apparent that he's a solid #3/4 defenseman by most people out there. As such, he is where he should be.
Hornqvist - He used to be underrated, but there has been a lot of interest in him over the past year. That said, he's nearing overrated. He is a slow skater, with poor open ice stickhandling skills, and mediocre defense. As long as he continues to score goals though, he's fine.

Ellis - Ellis' success in the CHL and U17 and U18 championships and Canadian background have given him a pretty massive following among Canada's faithful. He's a good player with speed and offensive awareness; that said, I'm still not sold that his game will transition to the NHL well. He's not massively overrated, but if you were to post a trade proposal with Ellis on one side, I think you would get some pretty surprising offers from other teams' fans.
Rinne - I love Pekka, but his sample size is not large enough to justify a top 3 goaltender ranking, which most people give him. This year will be the true test with Suter gone and a young D Corps in front of him. If he still posts a 0.920+ save percentage, he's proven it to me.

I think the rest of the team is largely viewed as they should be; I called out Klein and Hornqvist separately given how much public perception of them has moved recently. Though I think our offense as a whole is still wildly underrated; people act like we're 28th in the league in scoring.

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