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12-20-2012, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by sonsofcain View Post
It's all about the appearance, and on top of that their focus continually seems to be on making the battles "cool" on a micro level, instead of improving their mechanics and strategy on a macro level. If that emphasis didn't mean they neglected the more important aspects of the game, it would be great, but we both know it does.

I also don't understand why they're so intent on adding entire new features to the game (the ships landing on the battle map) when they haven't come close to perfecting the existing features.
I guess I feel adding new features doesn't necessarily mean that improvements in already existing ones doesn't happen.

I feel the game play of that series has improved pretty much every time they put out a new one with some existing features being improved upon and some new features being added.

They are never going to be perfect though and frankly what you would consider perfect is not going to be what someone else thinks is perfect.

I like the Total War series a lot and will definitely be purchasing Rome II when it comes out.

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