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12-20-2012, 09:49 AM
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Time called the NHL the "wanna be". Just get a deal. Compromise. Both sides. Long term CBA. 10 years. Fehr does not like it but his players wouldn't mind some security and Fehr will be leaving right after the CBA is done. His wife wants to him to go back into retirement again. Fehr will help find his replacement and go home. Bettman is 60 years old. This is his last CBA if its a long term CBA which it will be. Gary will be somewhere in Florida playing golf every day. Enough with the work stoppages. Put the game back on the ice where it belongs. Both sides need to shut up,make a deal and step away. No "Thank You Fans" on the ice. It should be "Sorry We ****ed Up... Again".

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