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12-20-2012, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Wings View Post
True, but again I don't think we should be arguing for 'danger pay' when other professions have a much higher fatal injury rate. Krys Barch might want to think twice about comparing himself to a 'truck driver' or a 'farmer', when last year 759 truck drivers had a fatal work injury (making a median of $13 an hour) and 260 farmers had fatal work injuries (making a median of about $29 an hour). No pro sport is on the list of 'most dangerous jobs', at least by fatal injury rate. (Drivers are #8 and Farmers #7)

Mr. Barch made $850k on 374 minutes of ice-time last year. Or about $136k/hour. I didn't factor in practice or other time he might be considered 'working' though. So that actual rate is probably a lot lower. Still, he's no truck driver or farmer though.
You have to think that the other time he's considered "on the clock" would be practice, workouts, team meetings, travel time, etc.

Is that worth $850k per year? Obviously that's not for us to decide.

As far as the "hazardous" argument, you also have to take into account the number of farmers and truck drivers compared to the number of people who get paid large(r) sums of money to play hockey.

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