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12-20-2012, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
You keep saying that but its not completely true. The only 2 guys that are close to NHL-ready is Robak & Petrovic. The only other guy in the system that is probable for making the NHL is Matheson and he's at least 3-4 yrs away. Florida isnt as deep as you think with top 4 d-men. Given that Guds is coming off a shoulder injury, Kulikov is currently unsigned as a RFA and the only other young player is Ellerby, who hasnt put it together yet as an NHLer, we're not exactly as strong as perceived even with the younger NHL d-men.

Then keep in mind that we have Jovo at 36 yrs old, Weaver is 34 yrs old, Kuba is 35 yrs old and both Weaver & Kuba are only signed for 2 yrs. That would be the right time to insert both of Robak & Petrovic. By the time Matheson is ready also, Campbell will be around 36-37 when you know he's gonna start being less effective. We need every top 4 prospect in our system to develop exactly as planned or we'll be in trouble and be forced to try and sign free agents which requires overspending and thats not gonna be sustainable for FL.

We have enough forward prospects that it makes more sense to move one of them. I like Shore as much as the next guy but he probably holds a lot of value in trade right now. We have the most depth up the middle with guys that can play center and he is developing well enough but still figures to be more of a 3rd line center with some 2nd line upside.
Fair enough. Shore is also pretty intriguing, although obviously I'd prefer Howden, although neither fits a need as much a Petrovic, from our POV. I had always thought Florida's biggest problem was scoring, which is why I thought a defenseman prospect would be more preferable. Although if you have problems getting Kulikov signed...

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