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Originally Posted by LEAFANFORLIFE23 View Post
like I said the fact that the very meds that are meant to help it says on the bottle they will make you want to kill yourself. This leads me to wonder if "depression" is not something that cab be stopped by NOT taking the medication as they seem to be counter productive. call me crazy but ANYTHING that tells me that it will make me want to kill myself seems bad to me. BUT people take thse meds and the meds never get blamed why?

that and most people that claim to be depressed seem to be people that have or had it all.

Clara huges is an example she has mulitple olympic medals in BOTH winter and summer olympics the only person to ever do that. She has endorsement deals, if she was smart she doesn't need to worry about anything. Someone like me? I live check to check month to month AND CONSTANTLY have to worry about rent,food etc there have been some close calls.

If she's that depressed switch lives with 90% of the world lets see how you do.
You aren't thinking this through.

Medications for physical illnesses also have numerous side effects.

Even aspirin has side effects. And as others have correctly point, treatment of clinical depression is not as simple as getting someone to wear a brightly colored shirt.

You are comparing situational depression to clinical depression. Like apples and oranges...both are fruits but they are not he same.

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