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12-20-2012, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
Reddick might have been projected to be a backup last year but not indefinitely -- he always had the potential to do what he did in Oakland. And once he did that this was a horrible trade.

People don't like the fact that Reddick isn't a patient hitter but he always had power, and Ross wasn't going to be here forever whatever happened.
You're doing nothing but pulling a Monday morning quarterback. You're looking at it from the reverse, which teams don't have the luxury of doing. At the time, Reddick was going to be a platoon player at best, and more likely a bench player. They moved him for a closer and a replacement for him in Sweeney, and it was the right move. It may not have worked out, but most teams would do the same in a heartbeat.

If you took out the names, and asked most GMs would they move a young player that projects to be a platoon OFer for you for an all star caliber closer and a similar platoon OFer and what do you think the answer would be? This second guessing after one year is nonsensical to me. What happens if Reddick stinks next year and Bailey returns to form? Does that mean the Sox were suddenly right?

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