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12-20-2012, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Colin226 View Post
I was actually just discussing this with a friend and I totally agree.. Fact is that the owners got greedy and wanted to get money via expansion fees.. They didn't consider the issues and now that its causing problems, they want/need to players to make numerous concessions to help them out.. The right thing would be to buy out a few teams but again, they dug a hole and don't want to spend to get out of it, so they lock out and take from the players
Whether right or wrong, what the League wanted was to put itself on the map, to get itself up in to the numbers of teams that the other professional major leagues have. Sure, expansion fees are great, but those Expansion fees are what any single team can make in revenue for a single Season today, and some more than two times that. They were growing the League and trying to get that national US footprint that could win a national broadcast contract.

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