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12-20-2012, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
Your hypothetical doesn't matter because Reddick didn't go elsewhere and suck. And we could have used 30 HR's out of left field this year. Try to deny that. It's not like Crawford's injuries weren't rather obviously going to be an issue by the end of Spring Training.

The fact is that we sacrificed young, cost-controlled depth because we had a guy here on a 1 year contract (Ross). After Ross's contract expired there was (and still is TBH) an opening in right field Reddick could have stepped right into. Add in the fact that Reddick had a ton of natural talent and it didn't take a lot of guessing to see him breaking out to a certain extent if he could finagle enough playing time. Like I said, the 30 HR's surprised me, but it's not like anyone didn't think he had the raw power to hit that many if he could find the ball enough with his bat.

So riddle me this, LSCII. Which would you rather have had. Reddick and no Bailey, or Bailey and Shane Victorino's $13M/year contract? If you can say with a straight face you'd prefer the latter, then maybe this wasn't an absolutely horrible trade. Otherwise it definitely was.
There's no denying that the team could have used that type of production. What you can deny is whether or not Reddick would have provided it. He wasn't going to start. He wasn't likely to get anywhere near the playing time he got in Oakland. It's hard to hit 30+ HRs, when you're not starting/not playing. So your example of taking his numbers and extrapolating them over here doesn't hold water because he was not going to get that type of chance right from the jump.

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