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12-20-2012, 12:10 PM
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Not to be rude or anything Brad, but jumping to conclusions like that isn't going to help him.

The skates need to fit, and should be snug giving you optimal support and heel lock. Given the OPs level of ability, having a used pair of top end skates seems like a good investment provided they fit.

Do not resort to thicker socks, which could hinder feel and comfort, it's not needed and won't help your skating in any way.

Taping shouldn't be necessary either, the skates should give you enough ankle support laterally without restricting forward lean.

Ebolav, if the skate feels a bit tight on you, go get them baked. The reactivity of that skate in particular should help in it forming around your hotspots.

Also, you say the blade feels like it digs in the ice too much? What sharpening hollow did you have put on your skates?

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