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12-20-2012, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
We were using Daniel Nava as our starting LF for most of the year and you think Reddick wouldn't have started?

Come on, LSCII, you need to not let refusing to admit the possibility of you being wrong push you into more and more absurd statements. The trade was a terrible idea that hurt us in the long run and didn't help us in the short run. Accept that and move on.

And the move wasn't "the right thing to do." The right thing to do would have been to retain the services of both Josh Reddick... and Jonathan Papelbon.
Stop trying to twist and play games with words to put your own view in a better position. All along I've qualified the argument about the trade as being about that point in time. They had no clue Ellsbury was going to get hurt. They didn't think Crawford was going to miss all that time. When the trade was made, Reddick was a spare part. This projection of the injuries into the argument is irrelevant since it wasn't known when they made the deal. If it had been, they would never have done it.

In terms of the right thing to do, sure it was. They determined they weren't going to keep Paps because of the years and dollars he wanted. To cover for that, they traded an asset that was not likely going to get much playing time for a closer and said assets replacement. Plus they liked another prospect more than him, and felt that Kalish had the higher upside. The deal may have not worked out because of injuries, but again, the logic behind the move was sound. If anything, the reason they got Bailey so cheap was because of his inability to stay healthy. Nobody (aside from the great and powerful seer, Dojji) expected the guy to hit anywhere near the number of HRs he has last year.

Lastly, I'm pretty sure that just because you projected the guy to be a can't miss prospect solely off of your love for OPS+, that doesn't necessarily translate to how the Sox viewed him.

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