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12-20-2012, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
This team reminds me of the Florida Panthers last year- went out and got a lot of lower end second liners and third line guys and it worked pretty well.

Sox first four with health stacks up with most- Ellsbury, Victorino, Pedroia, and Ortiz

best case scenario: 2 guys who finished in top two of MVP voting and still under 30; and the best DH in baseball last year when healthy (biggest concern of the four)

second four- Napoli, Middlebrooks, Gomes, and Drew (these guys all have question marks mostly due to health- but they have done it, permoned well and have something to prove; I had Drew on my APBA team and for 3 years 2007-09 was a beast and still what? 29, 30....sort of an infield version of Ellsbury)

starting pitching

Five guys who can win 12 (likely wont happen but all have in the past two seasons)


two power arms that can start but certainly add value

Franklin Morales (LH) like him
Ruby Dela Rossa- has a lights out arm

bullpen- lot of questions but lot of good arms

Tazawa- looked great last half- one of few guys
Bard- biggest question
Bailey-second biggest question

Andrew Miller- can start, throws left and hard, offers value

Rich Hill- poor sob was destroyed by Valentine (jerk0

overall, for a bridge team, I'm going second place and don't forget how great the job Ross did with Atl pitchers

demise premature
I tend to agree with this assessment DKH.

As much as I don't love a guy like Victorino or Dumpster, if Lester doesn't kill this team by himself like he almost managed the last two seasons, this isn't a bad team.

- The rotation is decent. No top-flight guys but no clear holes like last season with Cooke and Dice-K. If Lester can pitch like a real #2 and Clay the same, it's probably an above average rotation. Again, no stopper in the group and a terrible playoff rotation, but it's a decent regular season group.

- The lineup is solid. Weak at the bottom with the likes of Gomes, Salty, 2 Flaps, and Drew, but the first 5 is very good. Not great, but very good. I don't love Gomes or 2 Flaps, but if they're good that's a solid lineup

- The bullpen is good. It's not great, but it has some lively arms, plenty of lefties, and no real holes. I'm assuming Bard never makes the team. If he does, well that means there's a hole.

Altogether I'd say this is a minimum 78 win team, reasonable shot at 84-88. With a much better manager and a likely much better clubhouse culture, I'd expect they can remain competitive and entertaining for the majority of the season.

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