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12-20-2012, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by JerseyGuy276 View Post
Great way to open the season...horrible way to open the home schedule.
Maybe from an on-field perspective, it might not be the best way to open the home schedule (tough rivalry matchup, always that possibility to lose against a quality team like that, etc). But I think its awesome for building excitement at the start of the season. Since its mid-March, we have a good shot its far from the best weather, but it could help the crowd if it happens to be cold. Hoping if nothing else this matchup will create a great atmosphere in the building to start the year. Its another story how long that will keep up, but its nice to have a good start with it.

Originally Posted by Basement Cat View Post
Why cant we beat DC? Theres plenty of offseason left but as of now, our roster is stronger. We can definitely win that game.

Also, its the home opener against our biggest rival. Im not saying that there will be 25k ppl in the stadium but I do think that itll be an announced sellout with 20kish there.
Well, with the level of turnover on the Red Bulls roster, it could be a question of chemistry at that point. But that remains to be seen. Also we have to see who ends up as the starting 11, how they're using their bench, etc. The talent should be there, but they may not get the most out of it so quickly.

As long as the weather isn't terrible, I think there's a good chance to get near a sell out. I'm sure they'll announce one, but it may not be much of a lie to announce it this time around. Not to mention, I'm sure DC will be bringing a healthy amount of people. That may be what pushes it up to a legitimate sellout (or very very close).

Originally Posted by DatBoyJPP View Post
No idea what's going on there. I know the interview process started early December. If I had a call I'd just let Petke coach but I don't.
So you're saying they're not granting me an interview for that position? Although I did also tell Rob I would gladly throw on a "4" jersey and play center back... So maybe they're going to call me about that?

Originally Posted by DatBoyJPP View Post
I don't think he was technically fired. I think his contract was up and the new regime wanted their own guy.
Yup. They chose not to pick up his option. Didn't need to go through the formality of firing him because of it. And honestly, I bet it was mutual to an extent anyway. Not that he wanted to be out of a job, but I'm pretty sure he felt it wasn't working out here any longer anyway.

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