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12-20-2012, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
There's no way to estimate that. Mikael Samuelsson played in Vancouver and scored about half of his points with one or both Sedins. At times he played on their line. Most Vancouver fans will tell you that he played almost no time with them. If true, why did he share so much scoring with them?
what canucks fans have ever said that? are you just inventing strawmen here?

it's true that in those two years he played with the sedins less than burrows did, but certainly more than any other winger.

he also got the majority of PP icetime on daniel's opposite wing.

and there were times when vigneault would put the burrows and kesler back together, and samuelsson would slide up.

but i think most importantly for samuelsson's stats, after every penalty, vigneault would put the sedins on with samuelsson instead of burrows, because burrows would be tired from killing the penalty. during the sedins' art ross years, many many goals were produced immediately after killing a penalty or allowing a PP goal against.

but this is all off topic. the real point is, 1. who has ever said that? and 2. does the possibly faulty memories of canucks fans, who remain imaginary until you substantiate this, prove anything about our collective memories of the early 80s oilers? so many statements that hinge on analogies that don't work, so much faulty logic, so much dishonest arguing; i feel like i'm grading undergraduate essays here.

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