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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
When I mean larger format I mean more teams. Right now there's only 10 teams, and teams that are perenials in the WC's are often WJC tweeners, up and down every year.

There's definitely some good things about it, but there's also some bad things about it.

On the good side, more teams mean teams like Denmark, Germany and Latvia aren't going up and down every year. Give these teams players more exposure, which is always a good thing.

On the down side, the bottom teams in this tournement aren't exactly close to the top teams, unlike the World Championships where it's not that surprising to see Denmark knock off the USA.

Long story short, should the IIHF increase the number of teams?
My God. If anything they should lower it to 8 and have one team up and down each year.

Every tourney there are 2 teams that go winless in round robin play and get thorougly wiped.

I think the 8-0 or 10-1 type losses hurt those countries far more than it helps them.

If you're adding teams like Kazhakstan, Denmark, Norway etc. You're going to have even more of those scores, and potentially some worse ones. If a team is getting beat by double digits more than once, that shows that the playing field is nowhere near level.

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