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Originally Posted by OrrOverGretzky View Post
Dan, quite honestly I have no idea. You know I've been a firm believer that there will be a season and believe the NHL had always believed that and that the players would cave. That's why they had 6 different schedule scenarios back in October.

Now, I believe if anyone caves its the owners, but will it be in time to save the season?

I don't think your next week scenario works. Christmas is on Tuesday, Boxing day Wednesday, I just don't think 2 days (Thu & Fri) is enough time, but we'll see.

As for Crosby, he's under a lot of pressure, probably undeserving from media and fans, and to some extent some players as we talked about the other day. In 04, Gretzky and Lemieux couldn't save the season, I just don't see how Crosby can.

Everyone is expecting/predicting the worst in fan reaction when it does resume. I'm still not convinced it will be as bad as some say. Pittsburgh to date has had 35 season ticket cancellations. They have 9,500 still on a wait list.

People post here that they are not going to spend another cent. I find the opposite everywhere I go. Merchandise is cheaper than ever and people are buying it up. Maybe because I don't live in an NHL city? I don't know.

A Bobby Orr game used stick was just auctioned off yesterday for $2600 (pizzed me off because it beat my bid). Would it have gotten more if they were playing? Probably, which shows people don't care anymore. It's impossible to get a read on it whatsoever.

You know of my buddy I've mentioned to you. Well he's not sure anymore. And if he's not sure, then I have my doubts.

One thing I am certain of: If it was left completely up to Daly and S Fehr, they'd be playing hockey already. Not because the orders they are under would change, but because they'd actually sit and negotiate. Bettman and D Fehr however, it's all ego.
Too much power with too few individuals? True on both sides perhaps? But how do you fix it? I know I'm of the mind that I'd like to see the players vote on the final offer from the NHL before voting on decertifying, and that's largely because I believe more then enough players simply aren't affected by many of the issues holding things up. But then I also understand the flip side to that is most likely true as well, there are likely a good many owners who would have settled with the players final offer.

Everyone involved seems to be biting their nose off to spite their face right now but in the end I doubt either suffer for it. We've seen all the polls stating there has been much disinterest caused by the lockout, but then you see all the anger over the WJC game times, and see a Charity game sell out (albeit capacity was only 2600). Hockey fans love their hockey and like it or not, the NHL is the top echelon of professional hockey in NA. Unless a rival league springs up and somehow manages to out do the NHL people will flock back. I'll be one.

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