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12-20-2012, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
Sorry, but these spans are far too broad for you to define them by cumulative figures, especially since the numbers are somewhat close. Barrasso's .905 in the 1993 playoffs was actually well above average for the time (.885), but it isn't going to hold up when tossed in with the save expectations of a 1999-2000 goaltender. Adjust each individual run for the average of that given season, and you might find that Barrasso evens things up - or you might find that Wregget shows greater strength. But they must be adjusted.
That's true, but if anything I expect that would help Wregget vs. Barrasso, since over half of Wregget's PO minutes were in the late 80s, while I was only using Barrasso's post-'92 PO data.

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