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12-20-2012, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Sens Rule View Post
Bouwmeester is far better than Methot is by any possible measure. Tremendously better. They are not really remotely comparable.
to this i say most likely. i haven't seen methot play yet, and i have a pretty poor image of bouwmeester.

Bouwmeester is a top 2 defenceman on virtually any team and if he is on the 2nd pairing you have a great defence. Comparing Methot to Bouwmeester in terms of value is craziness.
bouwmeester is not a top two defenseman on most teams. he is a second pairing d-man.

I don't even particularly like Bouwmeester but he is a very good defenceman and we need a good defenceman. There is very, very little player movement... every season there is less and less and signed players are worth more and more. Few player's every make it to UFAs. they get resigned by their teams. And the few that get to UFA you have to overpay for and even if you are willing to overpay a lot it is still a crapshoot that the Senators can sign one of them with so many suitors. Which is why a player like Bouwmeester has significant value.
again, i don't think bouwmeester is a bad defenseman like some people are saying, i just think he is a second pairing defenseman. there is little player movement, but that doesn't mean that we can't
1) draft and develop
2) use our strong prospect pool and trade to strengthen an area of weakness

trading for bouwmeester would strengthen an area of weakness right now, partly because we're missing cowen. i think that he doesn't help us long term. he may not even help us in two seasons. i still think there are better ways to help our defense with the assets we have to spend.

Bouwmeester is better than Cowen, Kuba or Gonchar at this point. And rather Easily too. If we were to acquire him the salary is not too large of a deal. We are not near the Cap and the $6.6 million he makes. $6.68 million cap hit... would be easily manageable if he makes us a more competitive team and helps us make the playoffs. It is only for the balance of this season and one more season then we could decide on resigning him.
bouwmeester might be a little better than cowen, but for how long? kuba was great last season, i'm not sure if i'd but bouwmeester above him. gonchar is aging, but still better than boumeester offensively. his salary isn't a problem, i wasn't really arguing that.

Gonchar AND Lundin are UFAs after this season. We would have to find a vet or two veteran defencemen from somewhere after this season to be competitive regardless.
cowen - karlsson
methot - xxxxx/wier
phillips - boro/wier

i wouldn't be against trying wier in the top four before looking for help. losing gonchar puts us down one top 4 dman, and lundin was probably signed this season to place-hold for boro.

Think of it not as Bouwmeester but as a 25 minute a night proven 25-45 point 29 year old veteran that never misses any games to injury. Who can play on the PK and the PP and against any matchups at even strength. And he is among the better skaters in the NHL which fits our puck possession style. He is a very good commodity. A very, very useful player to any team. Even if he has his warts. I do think he is vastly underrated at this points. People talk like he is a piece of crap. He is so far from crap.. he just is not near the second coming of Scott Niedermeyer which is what people expected or still expect he should be. He isn't... he is however a better version of Kuba in pretty much every way. Younger, faster, healthier, better defensively and offensively.

If he was signed for 5 years at that high salary... it would be one thing. Now it is just a year and a half... if he fits the Senators you could resign him. If not then it is only a year and a half.
bouwmeester has had #1 minutes for three years and has not put up more than 30 points. he'd be playing the second pairing with less pp time, so the points would either stay the same somehow, or go down. he could find his point scoring youch again, but there is no reason to expect that. he is not a terrible player, but he isn't a top pairing defenseman on a contender. he is a better skater than kuba, the same or worse than kuba offensively, and the same or worse than kuba defensively (when kuba isn't injured)

Originally Posted by LeTigre View Post
I believe that if the season were to resume, he would fill the 20+ minute-a-night void we currently have on the blueline should he be acquired. Which would go a long way towards making the team more playoff worthy than it currently is. So, the opposite of what you said.

We'd be much better off with him than without.

Also, a poster above mentioned that he's the Flames' best defenseman; Giordano is.
so you would trade valuable assets to help us in a shortened season? is a second pairing defenseman worth those assets (top prospect, two b prospects)? the answer is no. if you are referring to me saying bouwmeester is there best defenseman, i didn't mean that. he is there #1 as in he plays the most. the flames would still not trade bouwmeester for anything short of an overpayment, as they do desperately need him to eat those minutes.

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