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12-20-2012, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by njdevil26 View Post
I disagree. I think this board is filled with mostly middle of the road middle class hard working Americans/Canadians that SHOULD be on the side of the players and against billionaire owners.

Don Fehr has been so detrimental to the process... also he did a disservice to the union's cause by not advising players to keep their yaps shut.

Tell me, given you know how contracts work (some don't, it's a pain in the butt) and how they are paid out according to HRR split, what other pro sports league guarantees cash forked over by franchises go make sure all players under contract get the 100% full amount regardless of league revenue? I think the league has been more than generous.

Add to that, the owners are ENTITLED to use whatever tactics they want and can do whatever they want to scare the players... after all, the players are people who get paid an average of 2.4-2.7 million dollars per year to PLAY A GAME. It's unbelievable how these guys think they can run their mouths and say/do whatever they want. They should also be kissing the league's ass and feet for keeping around GUARANTEED contracts unlike the NFL.
So much wrong with this, the owners have no product without the players, nobody would pay for replacement players, therefore they are not entitled to anything either. Both side are using negociation tactics but it seems the way you see it, only Fehr has been detrimental, and Gary "lockout" bettman isn't? The NHL's strategy to try everything they can to discredit Fehr and keep him out of the process, you think that's helping?

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