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Originally Posted by Hanklite View Post
Or you know, you could read it at face value. The NHL has stated they are not negotiating against itself anymore and wants to know the PAs approach before meeting again...

Do you take a lot of meetings to go over nothing?
I'm going to assume the league is aware of the NHLPA's position in regards to length of contract. Ergo, the league is aware of the NHLPA's approach.

The league is unwilling to move on their position - this is highlighted by Daly's comments. Whereas it could be argued that the NHLPA is potentially willing to move, just not to the extent of the league's current position. Hence, they are willing to meet.

Of course, to paraphrase Daly's own words, this is the "hill they are willing to die on". Meaning, they will not move off their line. That is, they refuse to negotiate.

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