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12-20-2012, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Hanklite View Post

So now it is up to the Players to move to the NHLs five year limit and 10 year CBA, which was part of the $300M make whole.

Its simple negotiating but apparently hard for the PA to grasp. You get $100M for those two takes from the NHL.
$89M (50M of which are pension related), it was $211M before.

Maybe the PA feels accepting a 5 year term limit, a 5% variance and a 10 year CBA is worth more than $89M over many years. So they offered 8 year term limit with 25%, variance, an 8 year CBA, and added an escrow cap.

Instead of countering, maybe upping MW by another $15M, and going to 7 years across the board for term limit and going to a 10% variance and rejecting the escrow cap, the owners cut off negotiations.

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