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12-20-2012, 02:57 PM
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Do Stanton and Dahlbeck play in the same pairing? I note that Stanton is +8 and Dahlbeck +7 for the season so far--Stanton has 8 points --all asists --Dahlbeck has no points --I'm guessing they play in the same pairing most of the time which could explain that Dahlbeck was on when Stanton scored probably 7 of his 8 assists and that thios means that they were EVEN throughout ES play except that Dahlbeck wasn't on for 1 of Stanton's assists in ES..obviously they are net positives by a decent degree in ES play since neithyer contributes that much offense--so it has to be because of good defensive play that they have such positive+/- stats---obviously if they held to that defensive standard but could score more then those +/- stats would be even higher positive..BUT,what I wonder is are they both about equal in defensive steadiness or is either Dalhbeck or stanto the main reason for that steadiness with the other d-partner just benefitting -and if so which of the too is most responsible for that defensive reliability (certailnly compared to the other d-men on the club whose +/- is not as good)? What i'm asking is: IF as some posters think STANTON is NHL ready--what about DAHLBECK? OF course you know the Hawks willnever promote too many SAH d-men -no they would rather hype a D-man's offensive points as indicative of NHL readiness even if the other side of the ledger shows -12 (as in not quite so reasy Leddy ;last year)-but those points! Maybe he willbe another Karlsson and go major positive in the +/- from here on?(though no proof of that trend from Leddy in the AHL so far ) --weel,he is certinly no Justin Schultz --so then i ask :IS IT BETTER TO HAVE A LEDDY scoring 45-55 points but ending up -6 to -12 in the NHL or to have a DAHLBECK scoting no points but going +6 to +12 ? Point is that even if Leddy scores 12 of his points on PP's and still provides only-6 to -12 in ES play then it seems like haedly much of a net overall benefit...Better it seems to have a guy with no points but who still manages to be +6 tp +12 in Es play despite the no points ...not going to help your PP but OVERALL may win you more games by helping lower the ES scoring against you...

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