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Originally Posted by Zetterberg View Post
It's all well and good that you were playing games. Great. As I've said though, I don't know who's playing games or not unless I write down each game in the box score, then check every time I log on for new games that weren't there before, because they are listed in schedule order, not order played. So good on you for playing your games, but I can't babysit everyone to such an intimate level.

But most importantly, you DID have warning if you came to the thread at all, or went to the league hub ingame, where it is posted at the start of each day that the activity check is still in effect. Had you been to this thread or paid any attention to league news in the game itself, you would have seen that. Even if you miss the activity check post itself, 8 people directly responded to it, posting "active", "here", or directly quoting it, giving even less of an excuse to not so much as make a single post here. Literally EVERYBODY else except for 2 other people who hadn't even been here for (as I suspect) a week and a half managed to make one post or send me a message. You had the same warning as everyone else, and everyone else who is active managed to take advantage of it. I'm not going to hunt you down to make you do something that everyone else had no problem doing. Your claim of having less than 24 hours is total BS. You had 47 hours and 56 minutes to be completely precise. Everyone else did. And, as I've already said and will continue to say, you are THE ONLY ONE HERE WHO COULD NOT DO THIS.

This has little to do with your play. I don't care how you play right now. As a test, I just closed my browser, checked the time, then accessed this page from the hfboards index. It took me 22 seconds. Getting here is not hard, and it is most certainly not time consuming, so why was it so difficult for you to do so? If 25+ people were able to come to the thread once, or show up in game once, and either post or send me a message saying "Hey, I'm still around", then what prevented you from doing so when you had so many games? The activity check was mentioned, or a team stated that they were "here" or "active", on average, every 2.4 posts. You have no excuse for visiting the thread and not seeing this.

After you first had access, (November 29th) you only made 1 more post in the 2 weeks until you were booted. One post in 2 weeks does NOT support the idea that you were paying attention to the thread, especially since you have found the time to make 11 posts in less time since you were booted, and it REALLY feels like you only made for yourself the time to post here since your boot because you felt you were horribly wronged.

On top of this, I will say that you are not the first person to have had gameplay complaints lodged against them. More like the 4th or 5th, a couple being some of the most respected, tenured members here. The difference is that they accepted my concerns, stated the situation that happened, apologized, and said they would be more conscious of it in the future. I have received no further complaints about any of these members since then. With you, both in private and in this occasion, as opposed to understanding, you have responded with outrage that such a viewpoint could ever be had, and held yourself in the regard that you are too good of a guy to possibly be reprimanded. Your PM's with me included such lines as:

This is complete and total disrespect toward your fellow league members, and holding them beneath you. You are displaying enormous arrogance, and it is only giving me more reasons to not accept you.

So, the short version is that the activity check is stated by me at least twice each in 2 positions, reiterated by several members over the course of its check, and you've shown VERY LITTLE activity in the thread.

If you were, as you claim to have been, "as active as anyone could hope any one player should be", then how did you ever miss me saying activity check 4 times, and the 8 posts of "active" or "here"? If you are so active, then why were you the ONLY one to miss it?

It is the opinion of the commissioner that you have been blatantly and completely ignoring league news and affairs. Nobody else has done this to such an extent in the league's entire existence and had the gall to complain about the accusation afterwards.

Again, the matter is closed, and my opinion will not change in this matter. I will make no further posts regarding this, and no longer see the need to defend my position. PsychicSaw is officially banned from the HF Hyper League and will not be allowed to return.
too long didn't read. But in short, whats the purpose of an activity check? hmm? to see is someone is ACTIVE playing games. I was evidently doing that.
so your point is completely moot at that stage. do you not have the brain complicity to understand that? and the kicker on top of all of it is I responded arguably right away in this thread as well. we had been private messaging on other stuff in the mean time as well... thats the EPITOME of activity you dunce.

Sorry I'm not going to let some ignoramus with some false sense of superiority defame me and that has gone for a couple others.

And you're No better than them. blazing bruin (who was probably feeding you all that trash) or cbj all the way; just another parasite in this game's community that has no sense of INTEGRITY.

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