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12-20-2012, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by ThePsychicSaw View Post
I'm all for an open forum and poll on this.

to be honest my biggest complaints, from what I can remember, was that pokes were not tripping ANYone. and hits were not registering the way I'd hope they would.

Most importantly, Setting up plays were almost impossible to accomplish, which is going to result in more flop shooting and weak goals... which is what happened. Discourages passing and plays. Makes me want to puke thinking about that boring 1 dimensional skate straight and press up gameplay that everyone will default to in order to be successful.

so if theres a way to up penalities but keep it on a more realistic setting that doesn't discourage passing/setting up im all for that.
Yeah, if you want more hitting, default is for you. If you want realistic hitting, normal is better. Marty St. Louis shouldn't be able to kill Chara. Gionta shouldn't be able to destroy Pronger twice during an 8:00 shift. Poke-checking is the same on both, so that's not really an issue--except insofar as it will be more likely to work with less fatigue. In that sense, normal is better.

Passing is easier on default, which means more passing, but also a lower skill bar. Since many other elements of "default" are conducive to "cheesy" play, I'm not sure the increased passing will encourage the kind of game play your looking for. You need to be more careful in charging and aiming your passes no normal, where as on default, you can basically just charge until you're ready to make the pass.

If we leave it on default, we will also need to monitor minutes played, which is really annoying.

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