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12-20-2012, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
I m not sure whatever happened to that rumour all i know is it shows something about his character that it was a story. I would think the agent would deny it till there proof of it that he cant deny To me its showing he doesn't fit in winterpeg
According to the article below, the NHL front office investigated the rumor of running out of restaurants without paying and found it to be baseless. The article does say
Kane's business manager approached Winnipeg restaurants asking for cash in exchange for endorsement tweets from the player. Was that greedy? Maybe.

All the Vega$ picture shows, is that the kid is immature.

If a player has a substance abuse problem, that imo would be a reason to move a player. A lazy work ethic, that the coaches can't get past? Ok. That's a good reason to trade a player.

But, trading a 21 yr old, 30 goal scorer because he still needs to mature, because he's a show a off ? Nah. Gotta have a better reason then that to trade a budding franchise player.

Some wiseguy hears a rumour and takes a sign to a hockey game slandering Kane. Someone else takes a picture of the sign and puts it on Twitter and whoosh -- the whole thing catches fire. Websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts repeated rumour after rumour about Kane on Saturday with no evidence to support the claims. Posts became so inflammatory on the Free Press website Saturday night the comments section was shut down.

The Jets were refusing comment on Saturday, but in making calls to Winnipeg restaurants I was able to learn that NHL security had conducted an investigation into the matter. A Jets executive confirmed this and stated the investigation came up empty. The folks in the restaurant business that I spoke with had good things to say about Kane.

Back in October Kane's so-called business manager -- not to be confused with his very reputable agent, Craig Oster -- approached Winnipeg restaurants asking for cash in exchange for endorsement tweets from the player.

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