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12-20-2012, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Canada4Gold View Post
Denmark wasn't smacked around last year, in the group stage sure, but they had 2 OT games in the relegation pool which is where their real competition is. Them beating up on teams in D1 isn't helping.

The games tnhat help are the ones against those teams just above them, Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany, etc. They get those up here not down in division 1, they learn from the beatdowns they take in the group stage and use those lessons in the relegation stage, teams like Latvia, Denmark, Norway, Belarus would learn more by getting in competitive games against teams in the 7-9 range than beating up on France and Austria
That didn't happen this year in Division IA. If you look at the results, you will see that up until the last day it was a toss-up between Norway, Denmark or Belarus for promotion. Those teams were all relatively equal in skill, and are probably of similar calibre to Germany and Latvia. While they didn't have much trouble with Austria or France, the scores of those games are probably a lot closer than they would have been if it was Denmark playing Canada again. Their games against each other are far more competitive. And with only one team getting promoted and relegated each year, it means a team like Latvia can stay in the top division for a couple years and experience playing Canada a couple times, gaining said experience, rather than losing 10-0 once and going back down for a year or two.

The current system works well. You can't add anymore teams to the top level because these teams would get blown out each time. And it would totally destroy the lower levels, which the IIHF has finally fixed with their new system of promotion and relegation.

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