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12-20-2012, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
Even still. Local T.V channels, radio, internet and newspapers both big and small report NHL hockey heavily. There's no CBC's football night in Canada. If you listen to "Fan" brand radio, it reports NHL stuff more than anything else.

Look at TSN. There's no hockey, but STILL we see a new article on their homepage about NHL news. Each day of the lock-out has a new freeking page.

Big cities and small, it's hockey in Canada. I can be in Vancouver getting more new reports on Schneider comments on the lock-out than any news on the Sunday NFL games. I can be in Calgary getting picking up a newspaper with the first sports page reporting on Flames prospect development before I can read a tiny snippet article on the Jay's pitching issues.

I'm just being honest about the Canadian culture regarding the NHL.
Thing is that's because that's out west. They don't lead off the 6pm report with hockey not even in Montreal. Only CBC and TSN are drowning on about this.
Originally Posted by Yobbles View Post

The ACC will be sold out for every game once the Leafs come back, it will be like the lockout never happened.
The suits will ensure that

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